Our home and commercial doors, we manufacture in New York, are quality engineered for durability and ease of access. We can fabricate recessed panels, contemporary designs, laminate surfaces and a fantastic selection of exotic wood veneers. We have no projects that are alike. Doors that we produce have a critical role in the structure, design and integrity of a building. We fabricate doors that meet your design and performance criteria, and detail installation standards that will stand the test of time.

Aluminium Doors Manufacturer NYC | New York, New Jersey
Aluminium doors fabricated for a client in Midtown Manhattan NYC

Commercial Aluminum Doors

Doors for your commercial business in Manhattan or in any of the other parts of the city have specific requirements. They have to be inviting, functional and easy to maintain. You have your choice of materials for your commercial doors:

  • Commercial glass doors with fire resistance and thermal properties.
  • Herculite doors — all-glass doors — look impressive. While herculite doors may be best used for interior doorways.
  • Commercial aluminum doors are lightweight, insulated and come in hundreds of colors with a variety of hardware.

Doors system W62 (W2.44) – best safety and energy saving

W62 (W2.44) system is a high insulating window system that meets all the requirements regarding thermal insulation, such as thermotechnical and sound-proofing requirements, great stability and security. This system with mounting depth of 62 mm (2,44 inches) and 70 mm for the sash (2,75 inches), designed for the manufacturing of window and translucent structures of different configurations and types. This makes it suitable for all types of building concepts, providing highest safety and reliability.

In W62 (W2.44) system, aluminium profiles are connected by fiberglass reinforced polyamide thermal break elements. This allows manufacturing units with perfect thermal insulation and great constructions static performance.

W62 (W2.44) is the most affordable and popular system for manufacturing of:

  • Tilt and Turn windows
  • Casement windows
  • Picture or fix windows
  • Multiple combination windows
  • Hopper windows
  • Awnings windows
  • French casement

W62 (W2.44) window profiles allow manufacturing of:

  • double and single-window;
  • internal and external;
  • with thermal break and without thermal break thresholds;
  • with basement profile and sash profile along the entire contour.

Carrier profiles of the system have three sizes for the width of the glass envelope: from 27 mm (1 inch double insulated glass) to 50 mm (triple insulated glass). This allows to use materials rationally in the design of personal sizes units – from small windows to large glass windows.

Also the system has condensate drainage system and ventilation. Holes for condensate drainage and ventilation are covered from the outside with plastic plugs. Corner joints are assembled with universal elements.

The system provides for the use of two types of thresholds: with thermal break and without thermal break.

The use of plastic fasteners allows to replace door sills during operation without dismantling the product.

Single glass, double glazing or other filling up to 40 mm thick can be used as a fill in the units with W62 (W2.44) system.


Profiles are made of AlMgSi 6060 alloy. This alloy is resistant to corrosion and allows to produce high-precision profiles. In combined profiles glass-filled polyamide thermo-insulating profiles are used. Excellent strength characteristics of the combined profiles are provided by modern technology of joining dissimilar materials.

Surfaces of profiles are protected from corrosion by means of a protective and decorative coating.

Color according to RAL scale (more than 200 colors are available), anodizing – 9 colors are available.


EPDM rubber seals are used to seal the infill, sealing the middle part of the window design, ensuring condensate drainage and sealing connections of a shutter with a frame.

Fastening elements

Fasteners used to connect profiles, components and accessories are made of stainless steel.


The system can be used with different popular types of hardware.

Main product technical data (AAMA standarts)

Air infiltration – 0,1 L/s/m2
Sound transmision (1” Insulated glass) STC 34 OITC 29
Thermal insulation 2,2-2,4 W/(m2K)
Water penetration resistance 12,0 psf
Wind load resistance Class A

Architectural Styles

Every commercial door that is manufactured by EURO Windows and Doors MFG comes in a variety of architectural styles and delivers a high thermal performance. They can swing in or swing out. You can get single doors, double doors or rotating doors, with windows or without. All the doors are installed by experts to eliminate complications. Other advantages of doors manufactured by EURO Windows and Doors MFG include:

  • Various width sight lines
  • Glazing choices
  • Tested to the highest standards
  • Tilt or slide hardware
  • Dual-color extrusions possible
  • Multiple lock points

Commercial Doors Features

  • High thermal performance, architectural window and door system
  • Various width sight lines
  • Glazing choice from 5/8″ to 1 9/16″
  • Thermally broken components ensure high thermal performance
  • Designed for integration with high performance curtain wall system F50
  • Return panels and variable angles available
  • Premium window and door hardware
  • Tested to latest high performance air, water, structural and thermal standards
  • Fixed, project in, tilt and turn, hopper windows
  • Swing in, swing out single and double doors
  • Over 200 colors available including 22 anodized finishes+ 2 wood grain patterns
  • Moisture management system
  • Simple and proven Eurogrove window solution

Commercial Doors Optional Features

  • Tilt and slide hardware
  • Automatic saddle
  • Plastic adaptor for easy flashing installation
  • Shaped operable windows
  • Dual color extrusions
  • Multi point locks for entrance doors

Large Array of Commercial & Residential Styles

  • Insulated materials
  • Non-insulated materials
  • External applications
  • Internal applications
  • Fire-rated materials

Doors System Applications

  • Ideal for commercial and residential applications where high thermal performance is desired
  • Ideal for storefronts

Commercial Doors Optional Features

  • Tilt and slide hardware
  • Automatic saddle
  • Plastic adaptor for easy flashing installation
  • Shaped operable windows
  • Dual color extrusions
  • Multi point locks for entrance doors

We manufacture a complete selection of safety- and performance-tested industrial and overhead solutions which include rolling-steel garage entrances.

Disclaimer: EURO Windows and Doors MFG will fabricate in accordance with dimensions and specifications shown on the customer approved drawings but will take no responsibility for failure of the customer to check drawings against job site conditions or for any other purpose. Special entrances cannot be scheduled for production until the approved detail, with the customer's signature, has been received, and all special hardware is in EURO Windows and Doors MFG. Changes made to any drawings after approval of details by customer may involve additional charges on the order.

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